PEACEMAKERS Project: “Peace Dialogue Campus Network: Fostering Positive Attitudes between Migrants and Youth in Hosting Societies”


It is a two year Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project (2018-2020) led by Koc University and the project partners: Universidade Aberta, University of Bologna, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Gaziantep University and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


The main objective of this project is to foster a more peaceful generation in Europe and in Turkey that approaches migrants with positive attitudes. This project aims to enhance social, civic and intellectual competencies recognized as effective tools to prevent and tackle discrimination, radicalism, and racism.


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Rotterdam Bootcamp Aftermovie

Koç University's Erasmus+ KA2 project ``Peacemakers`` had its first bootcamp organized in Rotterdam, between November 19-23, with the participation of 20 ``Peace Envoys`` from Koç, Gaziantep, Bologna and Erasmus universities.

Istanbul Bootcamp Aftermovie

Koç University's Erasmus+ KA2 project ``Peacemakers`` had its second bootcamp organized in Istanbul, between May 13-17, with the participation of 24 ``Peace Envoys`` from Koç, Gaziantep, Bologna, Erasmus and Humboldt universities.