Koç University:

Koç University (KU), founded in 1993, is a non-profit private university in Istanbul, Turkey, offering a world class educational experience to 6995 students from over 50 countries. Currently, 473 academic and 544 administrative personnel are employed by Koç University.

In 2018–2019 academic year, KU has hosted 191 exchange students, 143 international full-time undergraduate students, 58 international master’s students and 139 international PhD students. Currently, KU also hosts 6 international personnel and 106 international researchers. KU recognizes its entire international community as migrants.

In the twenty four years since its establishment, Koç University has become one of the leading universities in Turkey, currently ranked 16th in the Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2018.

The university provides an English taught liberal arts education at undergraduate level through 7 colleges (Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities, Administrative Sciences & Economics, Schools of Law, Medicine, Nursing) offering 22 undergraduate programs. At graduate level it is a research intensive university with 29 master and 26 doctoral programs across 4 graduate schools (Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, Business, Health Sciences).

With more than 270 partners globally, 21 Research Centers, 5 Research and Education Forums and 194 research laboratories, Koç University is recognized nationally and internationally as an excellent partner for research collaboration at national and international level with public and private institutions including the European Commission.

As of February 2017, 702 research projects have been externally funded at KU, with a value of about 72,5 million EUR. The university supports the legal and financial management of academic and administrative led externally funded projects through the Research, Project Development and Technology Transfer Directorate.

For more info visit the official Koç University website www.ku.edu.tr



Koç University coordinates this project via the Office of International Programs (OIP) and Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc).

Office of International Programs (OIP) supports the internationalization efforts of KU and creates diverse global learning opportunities encouraging intellectual and intercultural development through new knowledge, new perspectives, engaging difference and self-reflection. These efforts provide opportunities for the development of internationalized services and opportunities, global engagement and research. OIP organized the annual Peacemakers Conference and Workshop for Leadership for 5 consecutive years.

Project Coordinator: Nilüfer Akpınar Şahin, International Coordinator for Special Projects

Ms Şahin coordinates the Peacemakers project in general. She is responsible for implementing the project and supervising the entire preparation, communication, application, delivering, budget management, and reporting phases. Ms. Şahin’s 15 years of work experience in various international institutions have taught her a great deal about how to communicate and work effectively in various multi-cultural/multi-lingual environments. She has organized international conferences, training programs, simulations, press meetings and award ceremonies in Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. She designed and implemented public awareness campaigns and media strategies in six countries. She coordinated Peacemakers conference and workshop series  and currently coordinates the special summer programs, international joint programs, summer study abroad programs at OIP. Programs coordinated by Ms. Şahin includes a special summer program for international students titled “International Migration and the Crisis/The Basic Instinct: Survival”, which is in parallel with the topic of Peacemakers.

Migration Research Center at Koç University (MiReKoc) was established in August 2004, as a grant-giving program, aimed at developing the research capacity to address migration issues in Turkey, with the collaboration of KU and the Foundation for Population, Migration and Environment (PME, Zurich). As of 2010, MiReKoc has become a fully functioning research center which provides an institutionalized hub for Turkey-related migration research. MiReKoc organizes annual summer schools, international conferences, workshops and seminars to discuss various research agendas in the field of migration.

Scientific Coordinator:  Dr. Şebnem Köşer Akçapar

Dr. Şebnem Köşer Akçapar is Associate Professor in the Sociology Department at KU, and a member of the executive committee of MiReKoc. She has research experience in different areas related to international migration, including human smuggling and trafficking, gender, transnationalism, diaspora, forced migration, labor migration, humanitarian aid and development, sociology of religion, Turkish society and family and South Asia. Her previous work includes edited volumes of ‘Turkish Immigrants in Western Europe and North America: Immigration and Political Mobilization’ and ‘Turkey and India as Global Development and Humanitarian Actors: A Critical Analysis and Challenges Ahead’. With her expertise in the area of qualitative and quantitative research methods, Dr. Akçapar participates in the creation of a survey structure, and in the supervision and the analysis of the surveys. She contributes to the development of online course curriculum  and participates in the evaluation of the good practices and preparation of the best practice guide.


Project Assistant: Bora Berke Şahin

Bora Berke Şahin is an undergrad student studying Computer Engineering and Physics in Koc University. He has advanced knowledge of MS Excel, Qualtrics and various other computer programs that enhance the implementation and reporting of the project. He provides support to the project coordinator in preparation and execution of all project activities. He is responsible for keeping the budget tables and providing support on all necessary reporting, as well as managing the project’s website and social media contents. Bora is also one of the Peace Envoys representing Koc University in the Peacemakers Project.